Q: What is a "Wedding Highlight Video"?

A: A wedding highlight video is a short and sweet review of your big day; we understand that every moment on your wedding day is important, but we find the best ones out and make it into a highlight video of your wedding day. 

Q: What is a "Same Day Edit" video" (SDE) ? 

A: A SDE or Same Day Edit is almost the same as your wedding highlight video, but we will deliver this edit during the reception, generally before the cake cutting. We will have a dedicated editor and technician there to upload, edit, and cut the video throughout the day as we are recording it.

Q: Do I get all the images?

A: No. We will eliminate photos that are duplicated, funky-expression (not those intensional goofy faces), or any others that will affect the overall quality of the delivery.

Q: Do you retouch all the images?

A: All images that will be delivered to you will be processed for exposure adjustment, color correction, and/or noise reduction, etc. It will be impossible to retouch for skin imperfections for all thousands of images from every wedding. However, if you’re ordering for enlarged prints, more detailed retouches will be included.


Q: Can I get all the RAW files?

A: No. Because RAW files are like the raw steak prepped in the kitchen, our deliverables are like the cooked steak you get from the kitchen. We have a certain quality control to meet and style to be processed before we deliver the images to our clients. Also as discussed briefly in the “limited copyright” section, we hold the copyrights, so we cannot provide the RAW files.

A: A typical wedding day is about 10-hours, that starts with make-up / getting ready, and ends when the whole wedding concludes.

For Example: Ceremony starts at 3:00pm / Dinner Reception starts at 6:00pm / Wedding ends at 10:00pm — This is a 7 hour rundown. However, we recommend brides to start their makeup at noon, which usually takes about 2 hours. And we will start shooting from the Groom’s side “getting ready” while the Bride is doing her makeup. And then we will shoot the Bride’s side after some makeup has been put on, and all the other details like jewellery and the dress.

So from noon to 10pm, that’s 10 hours, sometimes when the getting ready location and ceremony site require transportation, we will have to take into account for that as well.

Q: How many hours do I need?

Q: My wedding has some cultural ceremony in the morning for 4 hours, but we have nothing from noon to the reception that starts at 8, which will only last about 2 hours. Can I get the 6-hours package?

A: For various reasons, we charge for continuous hours on a wedding day, so if there’s a downtime during the day, we will use that downtown to take pictures at the next venue, or backup files. Or set up a small on location shoot to bring the most out of your day, with all the gorgeous outfit that you have.

Q: What happen if we go over the contracted time?

A: We understand that things might not go as planned sometimes, especially on a happy day like a wedding. So when the contracted time is up, we will ask our clients if they want us for a bit longer for the extra cost. We will never pack up before we get a confirmation from you.

Q: Do you do destination weddings?

A: While Cherish Studio is based in Los Angeles and serving the Greater LA area, OC, and throughout Southern California, we also serve clients from other parts of the world, or local clients that wants to go to a destination wedding. 

Q: How do I reserve a date?

A: Your date of service will be secured upon the receive of the signed contract and deposit.

Q: How much deposit I need to pay?

A: 50% of the total package.

Q: What type of payment do you take?

A: Credit Card*, Bank Checks, Direct Deposit, Paypal*, or Cash. (Paypal and Credit Card payments may need additional 3% fee adjustment)

Q: Are deposits refundable?

A: Unfortunately, it’s non-refundable. Because we will reserve the date to you, so we will not take other clients’ wedding on the same date, even if that client may offer us a higher payment or longer service hour.

Q: What's a "Love Story" ? 

A Love Story Video tells about you and your Fiance’s own, unique Love Story! It can include interviews telling about how you met, fell in love, got engaged or advice from Friends/Family. It can include pictures or even have a slideshow at the end! We are willing to storyboard ideas with you and be as creative (or traditional) as you please! On average, the Love Story is about 3-5 minutes long. It can be displayed many different ways. It can play during the Rehearsal Dinner to set the mood and emotion for the weekend, or it can play during the Wedding Reception! It can play as a key moment during the reception.. sort of an “All eyes over here” type of event OR it can simply be displayed at a station somewhere for guests to walk up and view on their own time.